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Gogi Grant

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Gogi Grant, best known for recording the classic American standard “The Wayward Wind,” has passed away according to her son Joshua Beckett. She was 91-years-old.
Gogi Grant was an Americana popular singer who was born in Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles when she was 12-years-old. Though she would record numerous hit songs during the 1950’s, including her first Top 10 hit “Suddenly There’s A Valley” in 1955, and “When The Tide Is High,” “Who Are We,” and “You’re In Love” in 1956, it was her performance of “The Wayward Wind” written by Stanley Lebowski and Herb Newman that turned the song into an iconic American song
Американская певица. Настоящее имя - Myrtle Audrey Arinsberg. Выкладывал, когда узнал, что она скончалась на 91-м году жизни. Светлая память

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Мгновения классики
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