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Cэмюэл Барбер. Hermit songs и другие песни

Предыдущий повтор
"Песни отшельника".
Их много, тут приведены все тексты - и из ирландской народной поэзии, и авторские, в том числе Джеймса Джойса и Чеслава Милоша, который по-английски тоже сочинял.
Cэмюэл Барбер - выдающийся американский композитор ХХ века.
Послушаем немного

The Crucifixion Распятие
Sarah Champion

Angela Viswanathan (?)

Sure on this shining night Среди сияющей ночи
Барбара Хендрикс

Черил Стьюдер

Полный цикл Hermit songs
Барбара Бонни, за роялем - Андре Превен

Леонтин Прайс, за роялем автор, Cэмюэл Барбер

Барбара Хендрикс

Now Have I Fed and Eaten Up the Rose Теперь я сыт свой розой
Элизабет Митчелл

Three Songs
Томас Хэмпсон

The crucifixion
Ирландская народная

At the cry of the first bird
They began to crucify Thee, 0 Swan!
Never shall lament cease because of that.
It was like the parting of day from night.
Ah, sore was the suffering borne
By the body of Mary's Son,
But sorer still to Him was the grief
Which for His sake
Came upon His Mother.


Sure on this shining night
Стихи - James Agee (1909-1955)

Sure on this shining night
Of starmade shadows round,
Kindness must watch for me
This side the ground.

The late year lies down the north.
All is healed, all is health.
High summer holds the earth.
Hearts all whole.

Sure on this shining night
I weep for wonder
wandering far alone
Of shadows on the stars.


Now Have I Fed and Eaten Up the Rose
Стихи - Готфрид Келлер, английский перевод - Джеймс Джойс

Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
Which then she laid within my stiffcold hand.
That I should ever feed upon a rose
I never had believed in liveman's land.

Only I wonder was it white or red
The flower that in the darkness my food has been.
Give us, and if Thou give, thy daily bread,
Deliver us from evil, Lord, Amen.

Легкая музыка
Мгновения классики
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