Николай Троицкий (nicolaitroitsky) wrote,
Николай Троицкий

Голоса оттуда. The Orlons

The Orlons are an American R&B group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Три черненькие девочки и пацан: The quartet consisted of lead singer Rosetta Hightower (June 23, 1944 – August 2, 2014), Shirley Brickley (December 9, 1944 – October 13, 1977), Marlena Davis (October 4, 1944 – February 27, 1993) and Stephen Caldwell (born November 22, 1942). Девочки-негритяночки уже скончались, только мальчик жив.

Wah Watusi

Don't hang up

South Street

Mama Didn't Lie

Mashed Potato Time

I'll Be True

The Conservative

Легкая музыка
Мгновения классики
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